Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with the FloridaManatee. My husband and I have been out many times to see themfrom a boat or kayak. Every year around January or February, wego out to one of the rivers to see these beautiful creatures. Theevent has become a tradition in our family.Never did I imagine what our last trip would have in store for us. We decided to go out with a local guide, Capt. Rick Burns of ReelBurns Charters, in hopes that he would have “an inside” on thebest places to find manatees. Capt. Rick not only found the perfectlocation, but he also suggested that we get in the water and swimwith the marvelous creatures. While my husband was excitedabout the suggestion, I was still reluctant. I had never done thatbefore and I had no idea what was in store for me.But with a little encouragement from Capt. Rick, I was in the waterand feeling great! He promised to follow us while we were in thewater so it would not seem that we had wandered too far from theboat. He always kept us aware of the direction in which themanatees were swimming so we could follow them. He helped usback in the boat. And much to my surprise, he had even takenpictures of me and my husband playing with the manatees!I cannot say enough about my experience this last weekend. It wastruly one of the best days of my life. Swimming with these docile,playful, amazing animals is something I will never forget. We willdefinitely be going out again with Capt. Rick!

Ravi and Nikki Tata

Capt. Rick.
It was a great experience! Especially catching the Mack. Ilearned a lot about navigating in these waters, fishing and afew new things about handling my boat. I would & will recommend your services and extensive knowledge to myfriends.

Thanks again, Ron

Hi Rick:
Just received the bag of worms you sent me - and wanted to sayTHANKS...I plan to put them to good use tomorrow as Ron & I aregoing to venture out on his new boat. He really enjoyed your instructional day and has a lot more confidence now. I would recommend anyone who gets a new boat or new to the areado the same.

Thanks again, Foster

Hi Capt. Rick:
Thank you very much for the photos from our fishing trip. I reallywish I had a video of us when I caught my Redfish. It had to behilarious to watch but it was no laughing matter as we tried to getthat fish into the boat. Both RC and I could not stop talking aboutwhat a great day we had and how much we enjoy fishing with you. It is a real pleasure to fish with such a knowledgeable guide whois not only a great teacher, but more importantly, a good friend.

Prior to moving to the Crystal River area I was primarily afresh water bass fisherman and had come to rely on one particularplastic worm that produced for me each time I went fishing. SinceI now live near the Gulf I knew I would be doing more salt waterfishing then fresh so I joined the Pine Ridge Fishing Club. RC alsojoined the club and we chartered fishing trips with several otherguides before we heard you speak at the Club. You had ourattention from the moment you started talking about fishing withartificial vs. live bait or cut bait. Each time we have going fishingwith you we have learned something new in the way of lures andequipment as well as knowledge of the water and ourenvironment that we can use in the future. I am no longer a onelure fisherman. I can't imagine going after trout without a CajunThunder popping cork with a jig and some form of Riptide artificialsuspended under it. I have caught trout, grouper, redfish andeven a flounder on the Thunder-Spin which has to be one of themost versatile lures I now own.
Again, thank you for a great day on the water and a great dayfishing.

Best Regards, Matt